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The Best Milk Frothers

We Identify The Best Milk Frothers For You

What is a Milk Frother?

Milk frothing really gained momentum with the cappuccino phase of the 1980s as people ditched their instant coffee for something produced in a café by a professional barista. This coffee trend showed us a world of caffeine that was stylish and sophisticated, turning coffee into more of a lifestyle than just a beverage.

According to an article published in 2014 by The Guardian, one in nine people visited a professional coffeehouse each week in 2009, that figure jumping to one in five in 2014.

The Best Milk Frother

The best milk frother became a tool of the trade for the barista, almost as important as the coffee itself, and added the rich and creamy texture to these beverages that nobody had experienced before.

Not only was the creamy texture appealing, but the art created with this froth began to gain popularity also. Barista art became a phenomenon on its own as trained baristas moonlighted as artists to create amazing pictures and images using just the froth and coffee in your mug.

Recently, the coffee world witnessed another new craze: professional quality coffee at home. With the rise of home espresso machines and professional quality coffee at home. With the rise of home espresso machines and French press coffee makers, many people ditched the expensive café in favour of their own machinery and prowess.

This trend saw many invest in their own milk frother to ensure they captured the coffee house experience. The best milk frother for this type of domestic use was one that could quickly and effectively froth your milk with as little effort from you as possible.

The Best Milk Frother

Cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes and more are now so easy to create at home with access to the type of equipment only baristas used to have. With a milk frother, you can create drinks that taste just like a café does, so they’re a great way to save some extra money.

How Does a Milk Frother Work?

So, how does this amazing tool actually work? It’s quite simple in fact. Milk frothers aerate the milk by rapidly disturbing it, introducing air and creating bubbles. Once aerated, the volume increases but leaves the milk with a light and airy texture.

While the tool may seem easy to use, there is quite a skill involved in creating the perfect consistency so that you can enjoy a rich and creamy beverage that blends the coffee and milk together seamlessly. The best milk frother styles, such as handheld frothers, will assist you in perfecting this blend each and every time.

The Best Milk Frothers

The best coffee frother not only works wonders on frothing milk but is useful for beverages that involve almond milk, skim milk, coconut milk and soy. So you can enjoy the light and creamy taste that frothing brings without the added calories.

If purchasing a milk frother for your home, you’ll want one that can extend past just frothing liquids for you coffee. A good quality handheld milk frother will also be useful for whipping cream, frothing milkshakes, and even emulsifying dressings!

What are the Benefits of Owning a Milk Frother?

Owning a milk frother is no longer reserved just for professional baristas, many households now have a milk frother handy so more and more people are enjoying the advantages to their health, wallet and busy schedules.

  • The best milk frother will work on a range of liquids, including soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk and skim. They’re ideal for anyone looking to indulge in a rich and creamy drink while keeping an eye on their calories also.

The Best Milk Frothers

  • Due to their versatility, milk frothers not only work for cappuccinos and lattes, but also hot chocolate, milkshakes, and even for creating your own salad dressing. One household milk frother could take on a myriad of different jobs each day!
  • If you’re spending too much time and money ordering expensive takeaway coffees, you can prepare your own café style brew at home each morning complete with decadent frothed milk on top. All it takes is a little practice before your morning pick me up is tasting better than any commercial coffeehouse.
  • Frothing milk makes your coffee that much more enjoyable. It can make low-fat drinks appear rich and creamy, saving unnecessary calories. The smooth, aerated milk is also the perfect complement to the strong and bitter taste of coffee.
  • Not only does it taste good, but adding frothed milk to your next beverage looks amazing as well. With some confidence, you might even begin trying your hand at the barista art seen on sophisticated cappuccinos!

The Best Milk Frothers

The Best Milk Frother

For a milk frother that you can put to use in your home, the top pick is Savvy Coffee Premium Milk Frother.

This handheld stainless steel frother has everything you need to become a coffee artist extraordinaire. The handheld frother is powered by batteries and when not in use can be placed on its handy stand that is stored on your countertop.

Crafted from durable stainless steel, it features a unique frothing coil and a high-speed motor that makes quick work of frothing your morning coffee’s milk. It’s easy to use and even easier to clean, saving you tonnes of money usually spent at expensive coffee houses.

The Best Milk Frother

Why not add an extra touch or creaminess to your morning brew and start to create your own café inspired drinks like a true barista


As the world jumps on the home café bandwagon, it makes sense to transform your own kitchen into a fully functional coffee house. You’ll not only save money from purchasing expensive takeaway drinks each day, but it’ll save the hassle of stopping off on your way to work to pick up a drink.

Couple your purchase with a French press coffee maker to really experience coffee as it should be, and impress your friends with your new found barista skills! Handheld milk frothers are the ideal way to enjoy a healthy and energizing coffee without sacrificing your favourite almond or coconut milk.

The Best Milk Frothers

These little tools are only going to gain popularity as people now want to craft their own specialized brew, and with their added versatility it makes sense to invest a little into a tool that will save a lot of your time, money and waistline.

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