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Fruit in Bottled Water

The Benefits of Having a Fruit Infused Water Bottle

A fruit infused water bottle is one of the most popular accessories to come out of 2015. Hailed by health nuts and those wanting to be healthier and drink more water, this genius invention seems to be growing in popularity.

Fruit infused water has a range of benefits for your health and wellbeing, and staying hydrated can assist in weight loss and detox, as well as boosting your immune system and keeping you energized and refreshed.

Strawberries in Water

What Are the Advantages of Fruit Infused Water?

With all of the benefits that come from the natural greatness of water, fruit, and vegetables, it’s not hard to see why many people are now switching to a fruit infused water bottle.

Among the numerous health benefits, here are a few other reasons why you should join in on this health craze:

  • By ditching the sugary, unhealthy sodas and juices that many of us consume every day, and replacing them with nutritious fruit infused water, you can save hundreds of calories each time you make the switch.
  • As some people find it difficult to drink their recommended water intake for the day, a simple orange infused water bottle kept on your work desk or in your home can help you consume enough water to reach the healthy quota without even realising

Fruit in Bottled Water

  • The options are virtually limitless with a fruit infused water bottle and your taste creations can reach as far as your imagination will allow them. You can mix a range of fruits and herbs together for a fruity cocktail, or opt for something simpler such as lemon infused water.
  • Having a dedicated water bottle that you actually enjoy drinking can be extremely handy. Rather than heading for the vending machines or filling up glasses of water, juice and drinks, you’ll always have your own drink on hand. And you can refill it all day using the same ingredients, without losing any of their taste!

Are There Any Disadvantages to Fruit Infused Water?

While there aren’t many disadvantages that come with owning a fruit infused water bottle, they can be a little more work than regular water. Here are some of the cons to this health trend:

  • Because of the refreshing and flavoursome nature of fruit infused water, you may find it hard to return to drinking your regular water. It’s important to still maintain a regular intake of natural water alongside your infused beverage, though, so this is important to remember.
  • Compared to regular water that you can just pick up and go, fruit infused water takes a little more preparation and cleaning time. Each morning you’ll need to spend a few minutes preparing your fruit to place in the infuser, and leave it to sit for 30 minutes before drinking.

Fruit in Bottled Water

  • Cleaning your fruit infused water bottle can also be time-consuming, but it requires a thorough clean after each day’s use. This is essential to removing any rotting fruit or vegetable particles from within.
  • Although it can be unhealthy when you don’t drink enough water, the same can be said for consuming too much water. According to Scientific American, hyponatremia can lead to significant health problems and possibly be fatal, so be cautious with the levels you’re consuming.

Who Can Benefit From a Fruit Infused Water Bottle?

While the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages, there is a range of people who can benefit from owning a fruit infused water bottle:

  • Those that are time poor – If you’re looking for a quick fix to get healthy but don’t have time to worry about your calories throughout the day, a fruit infused water bottle is the ideal place to start. According to the LiveStrong Foundation, cold water can boost your metabolism meaning you feel fuller for longer.
  • The health conscious – There’s nothing unhealthy about drinking a fruit infused water bottle so no you’ll never need to feel guilty. With fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs coupled with pure h2o, it’s packed to the brim with the healthiest things in life.

Fruit in Bottled Water

  • Those who struggle to drink water – We all know that health professionals advise to keep our water intake up so we can be sure to hit the recommended daily level, but did you know that this intake consists of 10 – 15 cups of water per day? The thought of drinking that much water might be a shock to some, so this is where fruit infused water can come to the rescue. By adding a touch of flavor and fun to your water, drinking water will be less of a chore.
  • Those who are trying to shed some pounds – There’s nothing worse than being midweek through a new diet and already feeling bored with your food choices. Water aids in boosting your metabolism so can help you feel fuller for longer, and with a flavorsome drink by your side, you won’t feel as though you’re deprived of anything yummy. It’s also a great way to get rid of those sugary sodas and juices that have become a staple in so many of our diets.
  • Those who are sick – The best way to fight off a virus is with fresh fruit and vegetables. With a fruit infuser water bottle, you can concoct your own Vitamin C infused drinks, such as an orange infused water bottle, to aid in the recovery of colds and flu.

Fruit in Bottled Water

The Final Say

With all of their benefits, it’s not hard to see why fruit infused water bottles have become such a popular craze. Not only do these beautiful concoctions taste amazing, but they have a range of benefits for your health and wellbeing. By staying hydrated, we can keep a number of illnesses at bay and boost our immune system, leading to longer and healthier lives.

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