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Sphere Ice Molds

Sphere Ice Molds – Say Goodbye to Your Dated Ice Trays

Sphere Ice Molds – The New Beverage Craze?

Sphere ice molds once were thought of as just for those who take pride in their whiskey drinking, but it seems now that regular households are making the switch to this inventive new way of cooling beverages.

Sphere ice molds are just as simple as their name states – large spheres of ice that replace the standard cubed ice variety in your drink. The reason for their popularity? They can offer a longer lasting chilling experience, meaning less dilution of your drink and lengthier staying power.

The History of Sphere Ice Molds

The first sphere ice molds were invented to please whiskey drinkers mainly, but also for other spirit aficionados. After wanting to keep their favorite tipple cool, but losing much of the flavor and strength due to the rapidly melting ice cube, the wheels were set in motion for this ingenious design.

Sphere Ice Molds

Ice sphere molds work quite simply – with less surface area but a larger, singular ice sphere in the tumbler, these silicone molds are able to keep a drink cool while barely melting before the drink is finished. The result is a cool, refreshing drink with minimal dilution, meaning the flavor can be enjoyed as it was intended.

Problems With Traditional Ice Cubes

Everyone has encountered an issue with traditional ice cubes and trays before. While they were our only option for many years, there were a number of ways that these little squares let us down

  • Filling them was a major chore in itself; you’d fill them up at the sink, being careful to keep an even line along all the individual sections. Once full, you’d have to walk with the precision of a jewel thief in a laser-filled room just to place them back in the freezer without spilling!
  • Ice machines were expensive, noisy, and harmful to the environment and your power bill. They also had that artificial taste and feeling that seeped into your beverage.

Sphere Ice Molds

  • Once in your drink, a standard ice cube would last a few minutes at most. If your drink wasn’t already cold, though, it would disappear almost instantly and add an unwanted watery taste to your beverage.
  • Traditional ice cube trays are made from plastic, which can not only be harmful to your health and the environment but is prone to crack when used with force. It’s not uncommon to be pushing out some ice cubes and have the entire tray crack in your hands.

Sphere ice molds seem to tackle all of these problems, leaving you with an attractive looking piece of ice that keeps your drink cold for longer.

The Best Types of Drinks for Sphered Ice

Once thought to be just for the whiskey lover among us, there’s a range of other ways to put these sphere ice molds to use:

  • Wine glasses – the larger sphere fits perfectly in bigger glasses to keep your wine cool and undiluted;

Sphere Ice Molds

  • Cocktails – not only do they look appealing, but you can use your spheres to create lime or mint infusions that add flavor to your cocktail as you drink;
  • Spirits – whether you want to enjoy them on the rocks (or balls!), or to mix with your favorite soda, they do a great job of keeping everything nicely chilled;
  • Water – make an ice sphere ball with a bit of fruit or herb infused within to give an enticing kick to your to your water;

What are These Ice Molds Made From?

Ice sphere molds are generally made from silicone due to its flexible and non-toxic properties. Silicone molds make it easy to remove the spheres once they’re frozen, in a simple push and pop out motion. It also doesn’t impart any harsh smells or flavors the way other plastics or metal can, so all you are tasting is the ice.

Sphere Ice Molds

High-quality silicone ice molds should be BPA free and food-grade, ensuring toxins are not transferred into the ice you will consume. It’s reusable and durable, meaning it will last a lot longer than traditional ice trays as well.

Different Types of Ice Molds

Although the standard sphere ice molds seem to be a big hit, there are other silicone ice molds available out there that can add a bit of fun to any occasion:

  • Holiday ice molds – Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Easter Eggs…these ice molds are the perfect addition to your holiday season parties;
  • Kids ice molds – these are great to add a little fun to your children’s’ drinks at their next birthday party (or just to get them to drink more water!) with designs like insects, stars, hearts, and dinosaurs;
  • Geeky ice molds – for the nerd within us, you can now purchase ice molds in the form of Star Wars characters, chess pieces, and even robots!

Sphere Ice Molds

Although this novelty style ice molds are fun, they do come with some of the familiar problems that are present with regular ice cubes. Due to their designs, they’re often prone to melt just as fast as standard ice, so stick to the sphere ice molds when you’re looking for quality over novelty.


Overall, the sphere ice mold tray is a budding new design that will certainly catch on soon. No longer will anyone want to suffer from a small ice cube again that inevitably waters down and dilutes the taste of their drinks.

Ice sphere molds mean that you only have to fill your glass with ice once, and you’ll often find that the ice sphere still stands after you’ve finished your drink. They add a touch of style that can’t be achieved with standard ice, and make a great conversation piece for the next time you have guests over!

Savvy Ice Balls

The options are limitless with the type of drinks they can be used for, and with the ability to add in chunks of fruits and herbs to its larger body, they’re far more versatile than your average ice cube.

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