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Sphere Ice Ball

Sphere Ice Molds: The Newest Ice Craze Keeping Your Beverage Cool

The Science Behind Sphere Ice Molds

Ice has always been the go-to way for keeping your drink cool, and lately, there have been some amazing advancements in the way we prepare and consume our ice. Sphere ice molds are one of the latest worldwide trends that offer longer lasting and more visually appealing ice, as people tend to move away from standard ice machines.

Sphere ice molds have less surface area than a typical glass full of ice, meaning there is less contact between your ice and the beverage being cooled. As a result, the sphere ice molds melt less and gives you a chilled drink without the watery taste.

Sphere Ice Ball

Benefits to Sphere Ice Molds

Not only scientifically beneficial, sphere ice molds have a great aesthetic value over traditional cubed ice. Preferred by many of the top cocktail lounges and whiskey bars around the world, the perfect sphere shape adds an interesting element to any beverage.

Although sphere ice molds are popular with alcoholic beverages, those that prefer something a little healthier can benefit too. Many choose to add their favorite fruits or herb to their sphere ice molds to enjoy in a lovely infused drink that can be pre-made and ready to go whenever you like.

How Do They Differ From Standard Ice?

Ice machines have become a thing of the past as people now prefer silicone ice molds in their favorite beverages. Ice machines account for a lot of wasted water and energy costs, and only offer limited options with small ice chips or cubes being dispensed. The result is a watered down drink that will quickly lose its taste.

Sphere Ice Ball

Standard ice trays can also only create one standard size and shape of a cube, meaning they’re prone to melting quickly especially on a hot day. With this in mind, sphere ice molds can create a larger ice ball which will last longer and with less of the watery taste that comes with traditional ice cubes.

The Verdict

Silicone molds not only come in the popular spherical shape but are available in a range of themes and interests to cater to holidays or special events. Hearts, stars, and even Star Wars themed silicone molds are appearing on the market. However, these are more for their novelty value as compared the sphere ice molds which hold a practical purpose as well.

Sphere Ice Ball

It’s hard to argue with the science behind sphere ice molds and it makes sense that ice with less of a surface area is less likely to dilute your drink. With a range of benefits that your average ice cubes just can’t compete with, sphere ice molds are sure to become a standard item in every household very soon.

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