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Fruit Infused Sports Water Bottle

Savvy Infusion® – Flip-Top Sport Infuser Water Bottle

The infused water trend has certainly picked up steam, and One Savvy Life appear to be leaders in the market. This company is all about an improved lifestyle, making it easier to choose a healthy life while you look good doing it.

Infused water basically involves extracting the flavors and nutrients from your favorite fruits and vegetables to make your standard drinking water come alive. This bottle features a large plastic infuser basket so you can fit more in, and fills to about 24oz of water once full.

Infused water has been great for increasing people’s water intake and getting them off the sugary sodas. This water bottle particularly seems to be marketed to the sportier types as it features a flip-top lid that would suit someone with an active lifestyle.

Fruit Infused Sports Water Bottle


  • Upon opening the product I could feel the quality of the bottle instantly. It’s made from strong Tritan plastic with the assurance that it’s entirely BPA free, so there’s no need to give a second through to any potential health risks that can be present in other drinking bottles.
  • The water bottle looks amazing, it has bold lettering and a crisp, sharp aesthetic. It’s very sporty and a great companion, visually, for those into health and fitness.
  • The flip-top spout design makes it a better choice than other brands who only have screw on caps. With a flip top, you can store it easily in the treadmill and have small and frequent sips without a hassle.
  • It’s super easy to clean, you can simply put it in the dishwasher each day and it won’t do any damage.

Fruit Infused Sports Water Bottle

  • One Savvy Life claims this bottle is 100% leak free, and they weren’t lying. This bottle has been built for travel and can be carried any which way without leakage.


We were extremely pleased with the Savvy Infusion Flip-Top Sport Infuser Water Bottle.

Fruit Infused Sports Water Bottle

It has a great sporty look to it and being able to see the colorful fruits and vegetables as you drink definitely has its appeal. It’s fully functional, easy to clean and makes drinking water an absolute treat.

Infused water has definitely helped me cut out the processed drinks, and there’s unlimited choice for what type of mixes and concoctions you can make with this device. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to get healthy without having to sacrifice taste or time.

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