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Savvy Straws 10.5-Inch Straight Stainless Steel Straws

Savvy Straws 10.5-Inch Straight Stainless Steel Straws

Straws are one of the best ways to make drinking beverages a little more convenient. Whether it’s a smoothie in a tumbler, or just a cocktail at home, straws always offer a far better alternative to just drinking out of the cup or glass.

You Don’t Have to Deal with Flimsy Plastic Straws Any Longer

Unfortunately, straws are made of plastic, which is detrimental in more ways than one. First, there’s the all of the added waste that plastic straws provide with each use. These straws can also release harmful chemicals when used.

Because of this, several reusable straws have emerged as an answer to these issues, but they tend to fall short in numerous areas. Some of them are made from flimsy materials, while others are awkward sizes, and don’t hold up after a few uses.

We decided to do something about it.

A Better Straw for Everyday Life

Our stainless steel 10.5 inch straw features a premium design that has been combined with superior materials.

These straws were truly created for the long haul. Each straw that comes in this pack of five is crafted from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, which means that the straws won’t break, chip, crack, or rust with regular use.

Our straws are also BPA-free, so you and your family can use them every single day with total and complete peace of mind. There’s also the added bonus of knowing that you won’t be throwing away hundreds of straws throughout the year, which provides peace of mind in a different way.

Modern Aesthetics and Versatility

Did we mention that these straws look great? The stainless steel design gives off a modern flair that is versatile to use in all kinds of situations. From a glass of ice tea, to a cocktail in a tall glass, our straws while only serve to heighten the appeal of your beverages.

The straight and wide design ensures a smooth flow, regardless of the type of beverage you are drinking. Smoothies and shakes are well-served by our straws, a much better upgrade over the skinner and flimsy straws you’ll usually encounter. The size of our straws makes them perfect for tumbler usage, including Yeti tumblers.

Easy to Clean

Our straws are completely dishwasher safe, so feel free to run them through as many cycles as you want. In the event that you do get something stuck inside, and forget to clean them right after using them, we’ve included a handy brush that can reach up into the straws to help you when hand cleaning

Great for Gifting

Looking for a unique and affordable gift for family and friends? A pack of our straws is a great gift for any occasion, and will be especially appreciated by frequent hosts and hostesses that like to entertain in style, all while paying attention to the smaller details. The straws make for a wonderful addition to those with a home bar setup as well.

Stainless Steel Straws by Savvy Straws

Our straws come in an attractive package that simply requires you to wrap up or place inside a gift bag, making the gifting even easier.

Experience the Difference with Metal Straws for an Affordable Price

We've made it easy and affordable to own your own five pack of these superior straws. For just $12.95, you can have your very own pack delivered right to your door.

Don’t waste your time dealing with flimsy plastic straws that only add to pollution and even endanger your health, order or straws today, and experience the difference for yourself, satisfaction guaranteed!

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