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Drink With Ice Molds

Ice Molds – The Different Types You Can Use

There is no question that a majority of households throughout the globe have plastic ice cube trays. They have been around for quite a long time now. However, with advancements in technological innovation, you can now use several different types of ice molds instead of the traditional ice tray. For example, you can now buy sphere ice molds, silicone molds, round ice molds, etc.

In addition, these products come in different shapes and sizes providing customers with a wide array of options they can choose from. Different molding tools for making ice have considerably increased in popularity.

For example, you can use different shaped ice for your favorite drinks and use different shapes and sizes when it comes to soft beverages, adding a bit of variety.

Sphere Ice Molds

Traditional ice trays have become considerably old fashioned, not to mention boring.

Silicone Ice Molds vs. Traditional Plastic Ice Trays

The arrival of silicone ice cube molds have been welcomed with open arms since the past couple of years – and for good reason. Silicone molding products for ice has become a safer, flexible and highly versatile alternative to using plastic ice trays.

The trend of using ice balls in all sorts of beverages initially sky rocketed throughout Japan – and now, the trend has certainly soared to new heights in both Europe and in the US.

Plus, all the top bars and restaurants incorporate the use of industrial ice-ball machines, which cost a lot, especially when you talk about maintenance and repair. Silicone molds have provided a majority of bars and restaurants a safer, highly economical and an exceptionally fast way to produce ice – that too in different shapes and sizes.

Sphere Ice Molds

Up until just a year or so ago, people had no way to make ice except to use plastic or metal ice trays, which can get contaminated. If you look at it from a broader perspective, the thickness and consistency of the ice that is made in plastic trays does not really do well to cool any type of drink without diluting it.

Have you ever used an ice cube to chill a warm, fizzy drink? Of course, you have – and have you also noticed how long it takes for the ice to chill your drink, and once it does that, have you also noticed how only the top of the drink is colder than then the rest of the beverage. Moreover, once you sip it, you will always taste a mixture of water and the drink, which is quite distasteful.

This is because a traditional plastic tray ice is not efficient; it melts far too quickly because it is not thick and consistent. Silicone molds on the other hand are designed to add thickness and consistency into the ice.

Ice molds are now used by a majority of different restaurants and similar establishments, and as more people see their drinks filled with ice balls or molds of different shapes and sizes they want to make similar types of molds in their homes as well.

Old Fashioned Plastic Ice Tray

Although some people incorporate the use of ice ball machines, the truth is they are not as practical as some might believe. They consume a lot of space and can cost a lot in repairs and maintenance. Using different molds are far more cost-effective, simple and fun to use.

This is why silicone ice cube making products have become so popular and companies have begun to manufacture a these molds in different variations. Plus, silicone ice molds not only cost less, they have a plethora of benefits that add to their credibility.

For example, because silicone is flexible, removing ice from the mold is easier compared to removing ice from metal or plastic trays. Furthermore, these molds come in trendy and hip designs you can choose. You can choose a unicorn or animated mold to please your kids or buy a skull mold to add more attitude to your drink.

Sphere Ice Molds

Moreover, ice molds have a slower melting rate, which means no dilution and can chill your drink faster than traditional ice cubes and keep your drink cold for an extended period.

People who look for quality and the aesthetics of the ice in their alcoholic beverages have really taken a liking to cool ice molds, shunning the use of the traditional ice cubes. Because ice balls have a consistent and smoother surface area, they do not melt as fast as a normal ice cube.

  • Slower Melting Rate
  • Easier to Remove Ice From Molds
  • Stylish Look

Ice cubes have many edges, which significantly decreases their surface area. An ice ball mold will provide you with thicker ice balls that will not soil the taste of your drink as well as add to the aesthetics of your drink. You can really look trendy and stylish with a tiny handgun mold in your drink.

Round Ice Mold – A Majority of Bartenders Use Them

The question is why do most bartenders use them? Bartenders like to incorporate the use of spherical ice molds to create perfectly round ice for different types of drinks. But what is the real purpose of using round ice? Is it to impress the customers? Why not use ice cubes instead of putting in one big and round piece of ice?

The fact of the matter is, sphere ice molds are not just used to impress you, bartenders choose round ice molds for a variety of different reasons. To get a deeper perspective on this, here’s an example of whiskey with ice cubes in it.

Now, you might know that a lot of people prefer drinking bourbon, rye, Irish whiskey and/or Scotch with a tiny bit of water – which accordingly to the very same people who do this, brings out a little bit of more flavor in their alcoholic beverage.

Round Ice Ball in Glass of Whiskey

There are people who prefer to drink whiskey with a couple of ice cubes to keep it chill and diluted just long enough to finish it. The problem is, with ice cubes, the liquids keeps on diluting because traditional ice cubes have a fast melting rate, which can hamper the taste of your drink. So, what can you do to make your ice last longer and melt at a slower rate and no, using fake ice is not the answer.

This is where a round ice mold comes in considerably handy. You see, keeping the ice from melting quickly means that you need something with volume and the right surface compared to traditional ice cubes. A round or spherical shape in this regard boasts the perfect shape, it does not have any edges and has minimal surface area.

Plus, a round ice ball has more volume than an ice cube. So, even if you have an ice cube that bears similar volume as a round ice ball, the spherical ice mold will still rank low in surface area – around 24%.

You need to ensure that the warm liquid you are drinking is not exposed to a larger surface area; otherwise the ice will begin to melt quickly. But with minimal surface area contact, the liquid will not dilute as quickly, keeping your drink pure and chiller for longer. So, it is more science than art, which is why a majority of bartenders use round ice shapes.

This trend too has picked up quite recently and people have begun to keep several different types of round ice molds with them to make a perfect ball of ice to keep their drinks cool and fresh.

How to Use your Ice Mold

There are a plethora of things you can do with different ice molds. For example, if you kid’s birthday is coming up, you can buy a pack of cartoon-shaped ice mold and place all of it in a bowl of fruit punch for the kids to enjoy.

Furthermore, if you want enjoy a glass of Scotch on the rocks, rather than using traditional ice cube, which would just ruin your drink by diluting it, you can use a spherical ice mold, pour in the drink, turn on the TV and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Besides using ice molds to chill your beverages, you can also use it for making delicious, watery goodies to beat the summer heat. For example, you can infuse different summer fruits within the spherical or a cube mold and place in a glass of cold water.

Sphere Ice Molds

You can even infuse several different fruits and fruit juices, forming a big icy ball of fruit punch, which you can place in your alcoholic beverage or create a fruity infused alcohol drink and add a combination of sphere ice molds to enhance the flavor.

Things You Need


  • Your favorite ice cube mold
  • A couple of muffin tins
  • ​Small bowls
  • ​Something to mash all the fruit with
  • Your favorite summer fruit

Making Pureed Cubes of Fruit

1. Select your favorite juicy fruit, for example, you can go with watermelon, cherries, blueberries, However, you will need to get rid of all the pits first, then proceed to mash the fruit – you can even choose to mash different fruits together.

2. After you make a puree of the fruits, place it inside a silicon molded ice tray or a round ice mold and freeze overnight and viola, your juicy fruit treats are ready to be devoured.

Ice Fruit Cubicles

Making Whole Fruit

1. When buying your favorite summer fruit, make sure it is fresh. Rinse and wash it properly – you don’t have to cut little fruits such as blueberries so use them whole, but if you are using strawberries, you will need to cut them into small pieces.

2. Get you ice mold, clean it and place all the fruit inside – remember don’t mash anything – this is a whole fruit method. Boil enough water for the ice mold (boiling water provides unclouded ice balls), which will also allow you see your fruits inside the ice cube once everything is done.

3. Add fruit to the ice mold

4. Once the water boils, pour it in and let it freeze overnight

Making Citrus Rounds

1. Select a couple of citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemon, oranges, limes, etc.

2. After rinsing the fruit, slice it – ensure you cut thin slices of each fruit. Oranges for example, will not fit inside the circular silicon ice mold.

Rounds of Citrus

3. Place a thinly sliced piece of lemon at the bottom of the mold

4. Boil water and the gently pour it proportionately over the mold

Types of Ice Molds You Should Use to Keep Your Drink Chilled And Less Diluted

You can use ice molds of different shapes and sizes to keep your beverages refreshed and chilled longer. The best part, you can buy ice molds for different types of shapes quite easily. In light of this, mentioned below are all the types of shapes you can use to make a perfect drink at home:


Thick columns of ice, shaped as spears are perfect for keeping your drink cold regardless of whether they are shaken or stirred. Speared ice molds provide for an ideal level of dilution while melting at a slower rate. Plus, spear molds can also be aesthetically pleasing.


As mentioned, spherical ice molds contain a low surface area, which means they also have a reduced melting rate. So the next time you order your scotch, tell the bartender to add a big sphere of ice instead of cubes and feel the difference.

Sphere Ice Molds


There are molds that can make perfect cubes as well, just like a sphere; a big thick cube of ice also has a minimal surface area, causing minimal dilution.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it, all the reasons you should ditch your old and possible broken plastic or metal ice tray and replace it with trends ice mold products. There are a variety of ice mold products you can find online.

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