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Savvy Coffee French Press

French Press Coffee Makers – For Serious Coffee Loves

Coffee has seen as many trends as fashion recently: pods, cold drip, instant, espresso machines and more. However, one traditional method has proven its worth time and time again; the French press coffee maker.

People treat their morning coffee as an almost religious ritual, and it’s often the first thing we do each day to help us prepare mentally and physically for the tasks ahead. A French press coffee maker is favored by those who know their coffee well and don’t want to waste any of the flavour or richness by filtering it out.

Savvy Coffee French Press

The rich taste, amazing antioxidants, and refreshing feeling are just some of the reasons why millions of us enjoy our morning coffee. With a French press coffee maker, you’re heightening the experience and flavour even more than you could imagine.

What is a French Press Coffee Maker?

A French press coffee maker is a cylinder shaped beaker, generally made of steel or glass, with a plunger in the middle. The liquid passes through the plunger and a mesh filter which extracts the larger coffee grounds, leaving you with a rich, intense drink.

The beauty of a French press coffee maker is that it opens up a world of possibility to the coffee drinker. Do you want to brew your coffee for 5 minutes or 5 hours? Are you making just one cup, or a larger quantity to share around? Do you want a choice of different beans and blends that you can play around with each and every time?

Savvy Coffee French Press

A French press coffee maker can do all of this and more, offering you the chance to drink an entirely different cup of coffee each day, depending on your needs. The best coffee for French press really depends on what the individual is looking for, making it the most versatile method of preparing your favorite beverage.

How do They Differ From Regular Coffee Machines or Instant Coffee?

There are three main areas where a stainless French press coffee maker differs from your instant coffee or standard espresso machine:

  • French press coffee is pressed and not ground, meaning you’re left with just the coffee and not a filtered down version. This results in a more flavorsome drink that’s packed full of antioxidants and nutrients that are sometimes removed from filtered coffee.
  • Coffee can be brewed differently each and every time. Unlike regular filtered coffee where there’s generally only one instant method, French press coffee can be brewed for hours or minutes, depending on your needs, resulting in an entirely different brew each time.

Savvy Coffee French Press

  • The end result of a French press coffee is that it’s less finicky than other methods, resulting in a full flavored coffee. According to Serious Eats, this sweet and syrupy coffee is a result of a gentle and slow brewing method that cannot be found in other coffee makingdevices.

What are the Benefits of Owning a French Press Coffee Maker?

  • Rather than traditional coffee machines or methods that filter the coffee, a French press coffee maker presses the beans, meaning that all of the antioxidants and flavorsare kept within the beverage;
  • They’re very simple to use and a breeze to keep clean;
  • With a French press coffee maker, you can brew as much or as little coffee as you need. They’re ideal for having guests over, or simply making your own cup of coffee in the morning for single use;

Savvy Coffee French Press

  • With such a large variety of beans and blends available, French press makers are more versatile than other methods. You can brew your drink for hours or minutes, resulting in a completely different flavour;
  • Making your own coffee each morning with a French press coffee maker can save you hundreds of dollars each year on expensive takeaway coffees, and it’s guaranteed to taste better;
  • Caffeine itself has numerous health benefits. According to Dr Hensrud of Mayo Clinic, a daily cup of coffee has been shown to protect against Parkinsons, liver disease and even type 2 diabetes. Mentally, it improves our cognitive function and can even reduce the risk of depression.

How to Use Your French Press Coffee Maker

The best French press machine will depend on your needs, however, Stainless steel French press makers seem to be the most popular. There are a few simple steps to creating the perfect cup of coffee with your French press coffee maker, thanks to the experts at The Kitchn:

  1. Warm the French press coffee maker by boiling the water and then rinsing out with warm water afterwards
  2. Grind your coffee beans so that they’re rough and coarse, then pour them into the French press

Savvy Coffee French Press

  1. Depending on the amount of coffee you’re brewing, heat the appropriate amount of water to boiling point and then allow it to cool for a minute or so. Do this with an electric kettle or on your stovetop.
  2. Add the hot water to your French press coffee maker.
  3. Using an up and down motion, stir the coffee and the water together inside your French press.
  4. Allow the coffee to steep for at least four minutes, although this amount might vary depending on your brew and personal tastes. Four minutes is the ideal minimum time recommended by coffee experts, however.
  5. Once finished steeping, press the plunger all the way down to the bottom and pour yourself a coffee. Be sure to drink the coffee immediately, though, as leaving it in the French press will turn it bitter.
  6. Enjoy!

Savvy Coffee French Press

French press truly is one of the tastiest and easiest ways to enjoy your coffee. With a French press coffee maker, you’re ensuring that you capture the very best part of the coffee and its flavor while retaining all of the important nutrients and antioxidants.

A French press coffee maker will save you time and money, and allow you to appreciate the full flavour of coffee that can only come with this traditional brewing method.

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